Restaurant Review – The Hour Glass


I can’t believe that I have not written about the Hour Glass prior to this…I started this post months and months ago, and then just couldn’t finish it.  There is so much that I want to write about this awesome place – our ‘local’ and so much more.

The only thing to do this place justice, is to visit it.

It is an amazing tapas bar just blocks from the House…it is cosy and sophisticated, the food is truly fresh and flavorful, the menu changes often,  the wine is epic (one of the first in town to have Californian wines,) and there are over 80 craft beers by the bottle….

We often run into our guests when we go there and we more often run into friends, neighbors and meet interesting new people.

The owners, AJ and Mark are tremendously professional but even more friendly and warm.  The service is amazing…who doesn’t love a cold water next to your wine, or to have your favorite drink remembered?

Top of our list!

The Hour Glass

49 Liardet St, @ Devon, 06-758 2299
Closed Sundays and Mondays




Public Catering Company


I get a bit giddy when new restaurants open in New Plymouth and I’m excited to say that we’ve had quite a few new openings lately.  The New York bar at the Nice Hotel, Monica’s, Social Kitchen, Prohibition…

The latest is in the new ‘Arts Quarter’ across from the Len Lye Centre, and in the White Heart building.  It is run by two hospitality gurus, hard working, creative and genuinely nice women, Jo & Deb and their talented staff.

The kitchen is open, the cabinet is full of both yummy baked goods, as well as salads and of course great coffee.  The design is a perfect blend of industrial chic with clean scandinavian lines (or that’s how I’d describe it.)

It reminds me of a great local London spot, where you can pop in, eat well, sit over a coffee and ponder life.  Even the entrance, tucked away a bit, makes you feel like you are arriving a quite the local destination.

A fabulous addition to our little city by the sea.  We will point our guests in this direction for sure!



Restaurant Review: Frederics


Fredrics is the first restaurant I experienced in New Plymouth.  Before we even thought of moving here, we visited from London and Rod’s parents took us here.

We started with a drink in the swank, vibrant bar and then headed upstairs to the dining room.  It had been awhile since Rod had been home and hadn’t been here before either….we were then, and continue to be now, very impressed by this local favorite.

When I recommend Frederics (or Freddies as some locals call it,) to guests, I have a hard time describing it quickly.  It’s a great bar/pub, with an extensive beer and wine menu, great snack and small plates and a full menu.  They play the major sports so a great spot to watch rugby or visit for the afterwork crowd atmosphere.  Plus upstairs, there is a beautiful, warm dining room.  The food is really wonderful, and they change their menu often enough so you can find your favorites but not get bored.

They have been hosting amazing dinners featuring wild food, or a beer and wine pairing competition.  (The beer won almost every time for me…shocking!)

It’s just a really, really, good local spot that we are happy to visit frequently and so very happy to refer our guests to!

Just another reason we love living in New Plymouthg!

Restaurant Review: Portofino


We have re-visited Portofino a few times over the past few months, and it’s slowly going to the top part of our local restaurant list (behind a few top contenders I’ve yet to list.)

It has a quaint, romantic atmosphere, a good Italian focused menu, and even some Italian wines.  This is huge for me as I love trying new wines and finding it very hard to do in this New Zealand wine mad town.

Its just a lovely date night spot.

Restaurant Review – The Good Home


We have recently begun coming to The Good Home every weekend – sometimes both Saturday and Sunday.  We might pop in for a quick drink or enjoy a leisurely brunch or lunch.

The biggest reason in the beginning was because they welcome dogs, and even serve Ms. Weston complimentary ‘puppachinos’ (bowls of warm milk with dogs biscuits scattered over the top.)  There is always another couple with their dog, all well behaved and all of us getting a kick of being able to bring our dogs out.

Now in addition to having a happy dog with a belly full of warm milk, we love coming because of the warm service, the beautiful setting, and the good food.  Their avocado smash is just awesome, as are the burgers and brunches.  Having a midday break, sitting in the sun with the sea air and a cold glass of sparkling wine after a walk on the beach and before getting stuck in the garden has become a weekly tradition that we savor.

Restaurant Review: Prohibition

IMG_2232 IMG_2231

I thought I’d create a new section of this blog and highlight local restaurants to help guests plan their trips to New Plymouth.

We visited the new Prohibition on the day after it opened and were truly blown away by their burgers.  So much so, that Rod was given the wrong burger and ended up with a Chicken burger and he still raved about it!  (Those of you who know how much of a carnivore that Rod is, know what a bold statement that is.)  I had a cheeseburger in lettuce cups (nice that they offer them,) and the flavors were amazing.  Kumera fries with aioli were nice and crunchy.   A solid wine and craft beer list rounded out the offering.

The service (aside from the chicken burger incident,) was fabulous.  We were greeted with smiles even though we were very late for our reservation, and you could tell the staff had excitement for the food they were presenting.

We sat downstairs, where there are scooters for seats in the front windows, but there is a large dining room upstairs that I’d love to try.  They are open late which is perfect for our guests who drive in to town hungry as so many restaurants close early here.

It’s just the perfect addition to the New Plymouth restaurant scene, and I am already craving another cheeseburger!  Well done!