Blog Challenge 2015


Well the challenge is on again.  I’ll blog every day in March and invite anyone who blogs or wants to start to join in.

Details are here:

I loved the experience last time and look forward to each and every entry.

Hope you enjoy!


Day Thirty – Reflection…

So, the last day of the thirty day challenge and I’m over two weeks late in posting it.  Today’s post is a reflection on the experience of writing/blogging for thirty days straight.

A few thoughts – calming, grounding, enriching, powerful.  Bottom line I LOVED it.  Writing allows me to tap into a bit of peace and makes me feel like an artist even though I’m not.  I love the written word and I’ve learned that it’s how I express myself best.  To be able to focus and express how it feels to make a dream come true like we’ve done here at Hosking House is exactly what I need to make the experience seem real.  My days are the busiest they’ve ever been in my life – but each thing I do for this business does not feel like work.  After 20+ years of working professionally, this is the first time where it all clicks.

Some people know what they want to be when they grow up from a young age.  It’s just taken me a few more decades….I guess as a young girl growing up in suburban Long Island, being an innkeeper in Taranaki, New Zealand wasn’t on my career radar.

I am so very glad I took up the blogging challenge – and do hope I get into a very regular pattern of writing.  The reason that this late is that two weeks ago, a new resident joined us here at Hosking House.  Meet Weston!  Stories and many many pictures to come….

DSC_0356Now back to sitting on the kitchen floor and playing with her in between meals and naps….no place I’d rather be =)  CHEERS!

Day Twenty Eight

Today’s IMG_0592topic is stress and how we deal with it…

There is stress when you have people coming, rooms that need attending, breakfast to be made but most of all – guests to welcome.  And I mean truly welcome!  You can’t really listen and interact with people if you are thinking of a million things.  We all have had the experience when we just know that the person we are talking to is not really listening.

We try very hard to put our guests first – followed closely and most significantly with excellent service.  If two friends are visiting New Plymouth for the first time, and keen to try a new restaurant during a cold rainy night – we’ll happily arrange transportation.  If someone has an early morning departure, way outside our normal breakfast hours, well then we are up with them to ensure they have some hot coffee and something to eat before getting on the road.  They don’t need us and our stresses involved in their experience.  Taking care of people doesn’t allow room for stress really – it gets in the way from what really matters.  (And I think if I were a mom, it would be a bit like taking care of a just seem to focus on what truly matters.)

We try to let the stress sit on the side a bit – so we can get on with our duties.  We have been known to have a bit of a laugh in the kitchen, dance around, pour a glass of wine, or run the tub, go for a run, play squash, cook, be with friends, enjoy our sunsets and a session at our local – just to let stress stay at bay.  Who needs it?


IMG_0574Today’s challenge is to identify one thing we would change about ourselves if we could…

Tough one.  There has been a lot of change for us lately.  New country, new town, new house, new business, new jobs….

There are many things about this process of creating Hosking House, that I look back on with the wisdom of hindsight – but none that I’d confidently say that I’d actually change.  Things can always be different, but when you put your heart and soul into something – you’ll always see the beauty in it.

I did come up with one thing I’d change though…as Autumn changes into Winter here, and memories of the long, hot, dry, and truly epic summer dim a bit – I’d change drastically the time that we spent at the beach.  I’d go back and ensure there was not a day that went by that my toes did not get covered in black sand and that our bathing suits were constantly in use with plunges in the ocean.  The kayaks would be on top of the car each day….

There is always next year.  Life should calm to a gentle rhythm, the changes should be memories and life next summer will be all about the beach!

Greatest Influence…

Struggling with a bit of the flu or a cold…so sorry for the sporadic blog posts.

DSC_0689Day Twenty Four’s challenge is to tell of our greatest influence.

Hands down, ours is Hotel Terra Vina, in the New Forest. Described as:

Luxury Boutique Hotel, the New Forest Hotel of Style and Chic, Hampshire

The picture above is of us at a Champagne tasting dinner.  This hotel is an amazing combination of modernity with welcoming comfort.  One of the owners is literally the world’s greatest sommelier, so the wine list is just perfect.  It’s in this quaint little town in the New Forest with wild horses running around.  There are amazing trail runs, roaring fires, impeccable service.  The cutest touches like local lavender products and wellies by the front door for guests to use.

Can’t wait to go back!

thursDay Twenty Three – Describe your perfect day.

Wake to a hot, dark cup of coffee
Time to read the newspaper cover to cover, each section
Long trail run, get a bit muddy
Help with guest breakfast, nice chat with guests
Day to ourselves, a game of golf, or day in the garden
Burger for lunch
Late day kayak and wine at the port
Sunset on the front porch
Dinner out or in…
Roaring fire, good movie, epic Pinot

Hmmm, this day takes place with unlimited hours and across a few different seasons.  Ahhhh, perfection.