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Hi Rachel Thank you so much for today we enjoyed watching the rugby with you both.
You go the extra mile for your guests and we really appreciated your




We had a fun day at the House yesterday…a local chef, Helen Filtcroft has expanded her business, Cook Learn Love to provide cooking classes in local hotels and B&Bs.

The Taranaki Daily News were here and covered one of the lessons and created a lovely video you can see here:

It’s fabulous to think of little local experiences that we can offer our guests.  We love food and wine, and to to be able to offer local talented chefs to come to the House is just a fabulous combination.


Restaurant Review – The Hour Glass


I can’t believe that I have not written about the Hour Glass prior to this…I started this post months and months ago, and then just couldn’t finish it.  There is so much that I want to write about this awesome place – our ‘local’ and so much more.

The only thing to do this place justice, is to visit it.

It is an amazing tapas bar just blocks from the House…it is cosy and sophisticated, the food is truly fresh and flavorful, the menu changes often,  the wine is epic (one of the first in town to have Californian wines,) and there are over 80 craft beers by the bottle….

We often run into our guests when we go there and we more often run into friends, neighbors and meet interesting new people.

The owners, AJ and Mark are tremendously professional but even more friendly and warm.  The service is amazing…who doesn’t love a cold water next to your wine, or to have your favorite drink remembered?

Top of our list!

The Hour Glass

49 Liardet St, @ Devon, 06-758 2299
Closed Sundays and Mondays



Through a different lense….

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A talented local photographer, Biance Brons recently took some photos of our Taranaki Suite, and guest lounge.

I just love them, the light, the way she captures the combination of character and modern elements that we created, the warmth of the environment….it is so lovely to see the House through different eyes.

With thanks

IMG_5440As we start our 4th year of business, we have so much gratitude to all who have supported us, our friends and family who believed in us, and all of our guests who have graced the House.  Creating this House and running this business came from a little idea that we had and I am truly humbled each time we receive a booking and open our door to welcome guests.

It is with love and thanks and a reminder to cherish those that you love and in the spirit of living your dreams and working hard to make them happen, that I welcome 2016.  Happy Happy New Year!

Foxes Island Wines


We are members of the New Plymouth Wine Tasting Club.  The club’s motto is “The best wine is the wine you like best!”  The members have warmly welcomed us to New Plymouth at our monthly tastings and we have discovered and learned more about the wine regions of New Zealand and their talented and passionate wine makers.

I recently attended a tasting with Foxes Island Wines given by John Belsham.  It was truly one of the best tastings I’ve ever been to.  The memorable wines were served alongside John’s amazing presenting style.  I can’t stop thinking about the luscious full bodied Foxes Pinot Noir, nor John’s interesting feedback on the New Zealand wine industry.  I am always blown away when I go back home to New York and see NZ wines there that are less expensive in the US than they are in NZ and struggle to find interesting wines of great character here in our grocery stores.  I need to start branching out more, and enjoying some lesser known brands.

It is a joy to me to surround myself with people that have similar interests.  It’s one of the greatest things I learned by moving away from New York those many years ago.  When you don’t know anyone in a new town, you just need to focus on the things you love and you will find good people.  Either through my running club, women’s networks or our amazing wine club, I have met some warm, funny, fascinating new people and have had many memorable nights like this one.

Now off to find that Pinot.